Revitalizing Entertainment Kingdom - A Strategic Success by BegetBiz


Entertainment Kingdom, a premier amusement park in Sambalpur, Odisha, boasts a captivating Disney-themed water park with an enchanting entrance and an impressive dyke. Despite its promising attractions, the park faced challenges from the outset. Initially scheduled to open pre-COVID, it only resumed operations in December 2022. Meanwhile, another water park had already opened in December 2021, creating significant competition. To overcome these obstacles, Entertainment Kingdom enlisted the expertise of BegetBiz, a digital marketing company, to revamp its market presence and drive growth.


In its initial phase, Entertainment Kingdom encountered several hurdles. Management issues were prevalent, with concerns over water cleanliness and a limited number of operational rides. Although the park planned to introduce ten rides, only two to three were available by January 2023. This limited offering led to unfavourable comparisons with Puri Wonder World, a competitor that provided more rides at a similar price. As a result, many potential visitors opted for the established park, exacerbating Entertainment Kingdom’s challenges.

BegetBiz's Strategy

To maximize reach, BegetBiz employed two primary approaches:

Organic Growth

Entertainment Kingdom started with zero followers on its Instagram page (entertainment_kingdom_sbp), but through BegetBiz’s strategic approach of consistent and engaging content, the page grew to 5,000 followers within eight months by September, 2023 and eventually reaching 7,000 by June 2024. This growth was achieved organically, without relying on meta sponsor ads.

Influencer Marketing

BegetBiz leveraged influencer marketing, collaborating with local influencers for community engagement. Influencer posts often went viral within 24 to 48 hours, generating significant visibility. During engagement periods, BegetBiz actively responded to comments, keeping the page lively and interactive. This strategy resulted in a monthly reach of 1 million views during the summer.


The strategic efforts led to notable achievements. The Instagram page grew to 7,000 followers, with each story garnering over 500+ views and each post receiving more than 300+ likes. During peak months, the page consistently reached 1 million views, showcasing the success of BegetBiz’s marketing approach.

New Initiatives

To further bolster their efforts, BegetBiz launched a new website for Entertainment Kingdom in April 2024. They also started running ads and influencer campaigns to maintain momentum through the summer and prepare for the next season. Additionally, SEO activities were planned for the upcoming season to enhance the park’s online visibility.

Revenue Impact

These marketing initiatives had a positive impact on revenue. On weekends, the park’s revenue significantly increased, with the potential for even higher earnings with the inclusion of lunch packages. On weekdays, the park saw a steady increase in visitors, contributing to a consistent and growing income stream. Overall, revenue saw a 2-3x improvement compared to previous periods.


BegetBiz’s innovative and strategic marketing approaches played a crucial role in revamping the image and operations of Entertainment Kingdom. By leveraging organic growth and influencer marketing, they successfully positioned the park as a must-visit destination in Odisha, ensuring steady growth and a robust online presence. This case study demonstrates how a well-planned marketing campaign can overcome initial setbacks and competition, leading to significant business achievements.

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